At Ustadam, our purpose is to develop and provide the best quality content based on scientifically backed techniques and methods so our students master skills with step by step roadmaps to become successful in all domains of life. The course Fundamentals of Python is one milestone toward the goal. We have spent a lot of time, money, and compassion building this course. We believe a reasonable course price should be $20 to $40, but we also understand our local audience does not have the means to support the course; therefore, we are making it absolutely free for all our Pakistani brothers and sisters.

However, we also appeal that if you finish the course and you get some new skills or improve on existing ones, then donate any amount that you can comfortably do. It may not be right after the course, but it may be some day when you earn it. Your donations will be used to prepare new courses on new and upcoming technologies and help us keep our contents free forever.

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